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Big Search

Big Search is one of the leading SEO & web design agencies in Hong Kong. Our purpose is to provide exceptional online marketing services to a wide variety of clients and industries. We support this purpose by remaining committed to core values:

Big Search is the number one ranked on Google search engine optimization firm, and has received top ratings from our customer on all review sites. Whether you need a good Hong Kong web design company, a skilled SEO team or a top notch branding agency, Big Search is your solution.

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We Work for Your Profit

We are not a traditional marketing company or PR firm. We do not focus on print marketing or traditional media opportunities. The Coalition team is fixated on the power of web marketing and the results it generates for individuals and businesses. We dedicate ourselves to providing the best web design, the best web development, the best SEO strategies, and the best PPC campaigns. Our team is capable of supporting email marketing, social media, and mobile engagement. Our agency has serviced over 300 clients within a 4 year period. We have a 97% client retention rate and a 99% client satisfaction rate. Our customers earn a combined $10,000,000 in revenue each month through online sales. They receive nearly 15,000,000 visits each month through their website
Excellent Support
We guarantee you will receive our replies within 24 hours. Whether it's a sales or support related email
Awesome Team
45+ Members to serve your project, from Project Manager, Account Manager to SEO/PPC, Social Media Specialist
Guaranteed SEO
We help you get on front page of Google in no time, what are you waiting for?

Our Vision

Trust is King. SEO is Queen. With them, you can rule the kingdom of search